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Results Focused

At InovaCyte we are obsessed with patient outcomes. Everything we do here is designed to increase the efficacy of each and every treatment given to patients. By utilizing our specialists’ expertise, we have been able to break down each and every step of the stem cell treatment process from harvesting, to the laboratory processing, right down to the administration protocols. Our doctors and scientist are constantly looking at ways to further advance our treatment protocols toward the highest success rates in the country.

The Safest, Most Advanced Stem Cell Protocols

Each protocol utilized is based upon of years of research and clinical evidence. By utilizing an accredited surgical center, advanced harvesting techniques, board-certified physicians, sterile processing protocols and a cellular scientist who holds a PhD, we offer patients significantly more advanced treatment protocols that are both best-in-class for safety and innovation.


We have designed industry-leading treatment protocols which patients can now access at a fraction of the out-of-pocket costs previously associated with receiving stem cell therapy in the U.S. and abroad.

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