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There is a high prevalence among people in the US who suffer from chronic pain arising within their joints (such as the knees, hips, and shoulders) or back (such as the lower back). Up to half of all adults experience this kind of pain at any given point in their lives, and up to one-third of individuals are limited in their daily activities as a result. Unfortunately, the prevalence of these conditions increases with age.

Though the causes of these issues differ, similar regenerative processes are needed to repair tissue/bone damage and relieve pain.

Preventative therapy is important, as even moderate symptoms can be indicative of a more serious degenerative condition.

On the other hand, treating more serious stages of pain and damage can often produce significant, long-term improvements without the risks and recovery time of surgery. Our therapeutic process heals aching, damaged joints. Call today to discuss your options.

Conditions We Specialize In

Spine and Cervical Conditions

Upper and lower back pain, arthritis, pain from bulging or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, or from an extruded or torn disc.


Arthritis, cartilage defects, overuse injuries and other conditions.


Arthritis, various injuries, and other degenerative conditions.


Ligament tears, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains and instability of the ankle joint.


Arthritis, overuse injuries and other conditions.


Arthritis, injuries, overuse conditions, and other conditions


Arthritis and other conditions.

How InovaCyte™ Stem Cell Therapy Works​

Our therapy isolates and concentrates regenerative cell types (such as stem cells) and healing factors (known as growth factors) from an individual’s own body to produce an incredibly safe, highly effective therapeutic process capable of treating a multitude of chronic pain issues arising from joints, tendons, ligaments, or skin lesions. Though our treatment provides true therapeutic benefit, it does not involve surgery or rely on the use of steroids and narcotics.



First, a blood draw is performed followed by a minimally invasive bone marrow harvest via the iliac crest. This process is relatively rapid and local anesthesia is applied to reduce any discomfort felt during bone marrow collection.



Both the blood and bone marrow are immediately delivered to our dedicated, onsite laboratory staffed by our team of technicians. Once your sample is in the lab our advanced proprietary process isolates and excites regenerative cells and concentrates healing factors to hyper-physiological levels in order to faciliate the creation of a highly effective, injectable therapeutic. When treating a chronic wound a soft biomatrix is created and loaded with healing factors and regenerative cells in addition to the process above.



Once prepared, local injections are delivered into areas of injury magnifying and accelerating the body’s own natural healing processes as well as facilitating the regeneration and remodeling of damaged tissue and bone.


Does InovaCyte Utilize Multiple Administration Methods?

Yes, InovaCyte always utilizes multiple administration methods when performing stem cell therapy. Patients will always have access to both an IV for a systemic infusion along with ultrasound guided injections to target areas of damage. This is necessary to ensure the highest number of stem cells throughout the body possible.

Is the procedure painful?

Harvesting bone marrow in the past has typically been a somewhat painful procedure for patients. Currently InovaCyte utilizes a cutting-edge powered device which is a far superior option. Our powered harvesting device allows for a much quicker procedure resulting in significantly less pain but also allowing for better sterility and a higher yield of stem cells which directly aids efficacy.

Can the procedure be completed in one day?

Yes, the procedure is minimally invasive and is completed in one day. We harvest, process and re-administer your stem cells in the exact same day on your treatment day.

When can I expect to feel better?

Typically most patients report back improvements in 1-3 months however every patient is different and we have seen some patients take up to 6-9 months to see improvements.

When can I resume my daily activities?

Typically patients can return to low-impact activities within about a week after the procedure and high-impact activities 4-6 weeks post-procedure.

Is there anything I can do Post-treatment to help my stem cells?

Yes, we always recommend infrared heat wraps which can easily and affordably be found on

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