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The Nation's #1 Stem Cell Treatment Center - located in Chicago.

InovaCyte Therepeutics provides access to stem cell therapy only from Board Certified doctors and clinicians who meet our high standards of experience, specialization and care.

Each doctor and clinician is a specialist who works as a team to provide patient-centric stem cell therapy that is customized to your condition and symptoms.

InovaCyte utilizes multiple treatment modalties, both systemic and targeted to ensure the highest success rates possible along with providing a true cellular scientist who holds a PhD in cellular science.  This allows us to provide the safest, most advanced stem cell treatment in the country for patients. 

Providing You with the best doctors for the most advanced stem cell care

Dr. John Rachel

Dr. Rachel has more than 15 years of combined surgical experience. He is Triple Board Certified surgeon as well as a published stem cell research author.

Dr. Rachel graduated from Michigan State University and then went on to graduate with honors from Wayne State University School of Medicine before completing his residency at Detroit Medical Center Hospitals.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including The Distinction in Biomedical Research Award, The National Institutes of Health Research Recipient Award and The John Orlando Roe Award for excellence in research

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